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Coming Up from the Blood

These artists respond to the fictive dreamscape of The Artist as Poet by embracing the conjure in creation, the multidimensionality of reality, and the serendipity of the surreal. Each poem is complete through its delivery and engagement, presenting the poem as an event—or series of events

"Preserving Black History in the Archives"

Speakers discuss what Black History Month means to them personally, for Emory and for the Rose Library collections. They also talk about the Rose Library’s African American collections as a whole: its legacy and how it has grown under the work of former curators Randall K. Burkett and Pellom McDaniels III; and its future, delving into the vision and plan for Fluker and how the collection will be used by students, faculty, scholars and the Atlanta community.

Spoken Soul Festival

Christell Victoria Roach performed her poem, "For Nyala and Banele" as a featured poet in the 2014 Spoken Soul Festival, where she presented online, on radio, and at art galleries across the city of Miami. This poem is an open letter to a childhood friend.

Celebrating the Life of Lucille Clifton

On the anniversary of Lucille Clifton’s passing, the Enoch Pratt Free Library and the Clifton House came together in a celebration of Lucille Clifton's generous spirit and writing. In this moderated conversation, Sidney Clifton was joined by her sisters GIllian Clifton and Alexia Clifton to discuss the literary legacy of their mother. Christell Victoria Roach and Clayre Benzadón also shared works inspired by Lucille's persevering influence on poetry and literature.

"Art for the Earth: Artists on Climate Change"

In this multidisciplinary arts event, visual artists, poets and performing artists unite to address climate change.

Community Grants Reception

CVR presented her poem, "In the Shadows of Miami," as a featured artist at the 2015 Community Grants Reception. This poem speaks to the sex tourism and human trafficking in Miami and its elusive nature.

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